Installing Netflix on OSMC

Netflix can be installed on OSMC as na add-on program. Here are the steps in activating the add-on.

  1. Download installer script
  1. Change file mode to executable
chmod +x netflix_prep_install.sh
  1. Run the installer script. This will install all the necessary programs required by the add-on. Just follow the on-screen instructions.
  1. In the homescreen, go to Add-Ons
  2. Install add-on from ZIP file. Browse to the default add-on directory. You should be able to see the ZIP file (plugin.video.netflix.zip) downloaded by the installer script. This may take a while so be very patient.
  3. The plugin should be available now under Video. On initial run, it will ask for your Netflix credentials.
  4. On initial playback, the add-on will download a 2GB restore image necessary to play the videos.